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凯泽学术中心联合了学校的学术和学院咨询办公室, Technology Center, Library, Research Services, and Archives at the heart of the campus. It maintains a collection of nearly 14,000 books, magazines, newspapers, and DVDs, 还有数以千计的其他电子出版物. 学生和教师可以通过赌博软件的 online catalog.

2014年,由于凯瑟家族为纪念小利奥凯瑟而赠送的慷慨礼物,翻修了., former Board member, alumnus parent and grandparent, the Center offers quiet spots to read, study, research, and write. Slaughter阅览室和Engel Terrace为学生提供了额外的空间,让他们在小组项目中一起工作.

Services & Resources

  • Reference and Research Assistance
  • 特定课程和特定作业的图书馆指导
  • 通过学生主导的写作中心(由赌博软件的学生教育专员管理)进行对等辅导和写作支持
  • 视听设备(数字录音、耳机、chromebook和CD播放器)
  • Lamination
  • Individual and Group-study Areas
  • Printers & Photocopiers

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  • Hours of Operation

    Kayser Academic Center hours are 7 a.m.–11 p.m., Monday–Friday, and 9 a.m.–11 p.m. Saturday–Sunday.
  • Overdue Fines

    图书馆对逾期的图书每天每件收取5美分的罚款. 除非其他学生或教师要求,课程可以无限期续借. 如果一个项目丢失了,更换项目的费用将记入借款方的账单中.
  • DVDs

    印度之春的DVD收藏在视听室(当你进入凯瑟学术中心的前面时向右). DVD盒按标题摆放在后面的书架上(在小说分类后面)供您阅读. Three rules govern DVD lending:

    • Up to five DVDs may be checked out at a time.
    • DVDs may be kept for up to seven days each.
    • 17岁以下的读者如欲借阅R级电影,必须得到家长或监护人的同意.
  • Archives

    The school archives, 位于您的左边,当您进入凯瑟学术中心的前面, 收藏着印第安泉学校的历史文物. The archives includes past yearbooks, photos dating back to the school’s founding in 1952, rare books, and other memorabilia. 一定要向历史学家和名誉教授麦克·弗莱明问好, 自1952年斯普林斯开办以来,他一直是赌博软件的教员.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Library Services

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